Harris Capital Redefines the Education of Long-Term Care Planning

Hosting Connecticut LLC is proud to launch the newly redeveloped Harris Capital LLC website and online presence. Harris Capital of Bloomfield, Connecticut was approved by Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) for a technical assistance grant. In conjunction with Hosting Connecticut, this grant provides digital services to small businesses.

Harris Capital’s main goal is to educate families about long term care funding. As a financial advisor, Harris Capital helps its clients be prepared for long term health care emergencies. “Harris Capital is passionate about long term care funding; they know the terrible repercussions that a family can suffer if they haven’t planned ahead to care for aging loved ones,” said Paula Pierce, owner of Hosting Connecticut.

Before starting this project, the team met with president and owner of Harris Capital, Brian C. Harris, to learn about the business.

Brian is an independent financial services representative who works with individuals and business owners looking to protect their assets and minimize unwanted taxes. He also works with corporate Human Resources departments to provide education and services about long term care, as a voluntary benefit for employees. 

When the team at Hosting Connecticut met with Brian, he stated that he needed a complete rebuild of the Harris Capital website. He wanted information to be easily accessible to users and better organized so users could find the information they need.

Harris said he “was surprised by Hosting Connecticut’s ability to challenge me to look at my business from a whole new prospective, making me ask questions I wouldn’t have even thought about before meeting with them.”

The Hosting Connecticut team first started with search engine optimization including keyword research so the Harris Capital website would rank for the appropriate keywords in the search engines. This will help people who need their services to find Harris Capital.

From there, Hosting Connecticut reorganized the content of the website to better fit the various types of information offered and make it all easily-accessible. They also created a dedicated library so the educational information is housed in one place. This allows visitors to learn what financial healthcare planning information is most beneficial to them. 

When it comes to the actual design of the website, Brian wanted to make it more visually appealing to users. Hosting Connecticut’s marketing team solidified Harris Capital’s branding in order to create a more contemporary design that included all of their engaging content but also gave tribute to Brian’s own family history.

Brian touted his experience with Hosting Connecticut saying, “They are a creative and personalized web development company. The interaction I had with Hosting Connecticut was extremely friendly and extremely helpful to me as a business owner.”

Overall, Hosting Connecticut was able to work with Harris Capital to develop a more professional, concise and effective website that features an inviting call to action for interested customers. To see these changes, head on over to https://HarrisCapital.com.

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