Long Term Care Funding Services

Long Term Care Insurance

We are here to perform an in-depth analysis of your current situation and offer plan designs to meet your goals.

Medicaid Spend Down Services

You may need to "spend down" to qualify for Medicaid financial assistance. Let us show you how.

Long Term Care Expense Planning

Hybrid Long Term Care plans can alleviate the “use it or lose it” downside of traditional Long Term Care.

Long term care impacts not only the individual who needs care, but also the entire family sometimes, across generations. Let Harris Capital educate you on our long term care funding services from long term care insurance to medicaid spend down services to long term care expense planning. Let us help you prepare for your future! Contact Harris Capital today.

Our Motivation

Our motivation at Harris Capital Advisors is to educate you on the difference long-term care planning can make in your life. We are passionate about providing you with service options that can make a real difference in the future.

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Quick Facts

60% of adults

Spend more than 10 hours a week caregiving.

50% of employees

Say caregiving affects their job performance.