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We here at Harris Capital have seen the effects that the healthcare system and poor health care planning and funding can have on a family and its loved ones.

In 2005, our mother fell and broke her hip. Her fall, along with several other health challenges, contributed to a steady and continuous decline in the quality of not only her life, but also the Harris family’s life. Our mother’s health spiraled at the end of her life eventually until her life ended in 2014. Our mother lived by herself without anyone to support her in the household and the responsibility of looking after and supporting her fell onto my sister. The lack of a healthcare plan of action and long term care funding caused quite a rift amongst the Harris siblings. Many wounds which were never healed between family members. We learned the hard way that if we only had a long term healthcare plan of action that it would have made all the difference in our world.

Luckily, we have learned a lot throughout these experiences and want to help you control your own narrative moving forward for both yourself and your loved ones.

Our Motivation

Our motivation at Harris Capital Advisors is to educate you on the difference long-term care planning can make in your life. We are passionate about providing you with service options that can make a real difference in the future.

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Brian C. Harris


Brian Harris is the President of Harris Capital Advisors, LLC.  He is an Independent Financial Services Representative working with individuals and business owners looking to protect their assets and minimize taxes.  An area of concentration is advising on Healthcare funding, specializing in Long Term Care. Brian is a staunch advocate of Elder Care.

Brian has an MBA from the University of Chicago and has over 40 years’ experience in the Financial Services arena.  He has served on the boards of many non-profits as a Finance Committee member, and has Chaired two of the Committees.  Brian is married, with two adult daughters.

Andrea Harris-Peguese

Managing Director

Andrea Harris-Peguese is the Managing Director of Harris Capital Advisors, LLC (HCA). She is an independent Financial Services Representative assisting individuals and business owners looking to protect their assets as well as minimize taxes. HCA area of concentration is advising on Healthcare funding, specializing in Long Term Care.

Andrea has a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix and has always maintained a strong advocacy and compassion to protect individuals, families and small businesses. She has served on boards for United Cerebral Palsy and Michigan Alliance for Families, as well as Special Needs Parent Advisory Committee Representative for Farmington Public Schools in Michigan. Andrea is married and has a set of twin boys, and a Maltipoo family pet.