Closely Held Business Development

As an entrepreneur, are you taking the proper steps to mitigate taxes, protect your assets? You must have a laser focus on running the business efficiently and effectively.  When managing your core business, constructing a simple financial plan for the business may have taken a back seat.  While there are nuances to every business, all business owners need to make sure taxes are minimized, and your assets are protected.  Below are a few priorities to consider, and questions to contemplate. 


  1. Taxed Advantaged Retirement Planning 
  1. Long Term Care Planning to protect Business Assets 
  1. Business Succession Planning 


  1. Are you maximizing your qualified money tax write-off? 
  1. Is Long Term Care (LTC) part of your financial plan?  LTC can be run through the business in a tax advantaged manner. 
  1. Are there people to whom you want to transfer the business when you retire?  Is there a succession plan?